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Best Way to Ween a Very Stubborn 1 Year Old from the Bottle

I had the "bright idea" of one day, hiding all the bottles, and told her that Bad Porky ate all her bottles, and now we have to drink in her "cuppy". ...

Age Cut off for Kindergarten

Yes, I second the idea to get him linked into playgroups or local homeschooling activities! If he is bright and curious and able to socialize, go for it! ...


I will say, just recently, my husband had the bright idea to plug the vaporizer in in the smallest half bath in the house to steam it up rather than the ...

Peanut Allergy

I had given him celery sticks for his teething and one day I had the bright idea to put some peanut butter on it...NOT a good idea! ...


They told her they saw a "bright spot" on the baby's heart and it may. ... I have no idea why. I know I never knew much about them when I had my daughter. ...

Almost 4 Year Old Daughter Running House Hold HELP!

I got the bright idea one day to just sit her down and talk. Now you probably think I'm crazy about now but it worked. I know my daughter has a sensitive ...

18 Mo. Old Still Will Not Sleep

My husband got the bright idea to just put her in our bed that was she was right there. She got better after about three weeks - and we thought (HA) she ...

A Good Disinfectant for Granite

Thanks everyone for your great recommondations I had no idea that Vinegar ... It comes in a bright orange spray bottle but I can only find it at Hollywood ...

Help! Puppy Advice....

My husband got the bright idea to get a dog right before our youngest was born. It hasn't worked out well. IT was his idea, but guess who ended up taking ...

IS She Gifted?

The idea behind AMS is that Maria Montessori's ideas have been "adapted" to .... How wonderful to have such a bright child. Most schools will have a "ready" ...
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  • missed the cut off date in 2 answers "... that there will be other kids in his class who have also missed the cut off date ..."
  • use bleach on granite in 2 answers "I have never heard that you can't use bleach on granite, Maybe you can't directly ..."
  • covering his butt in 2 answers "The dr is just covering his butt."
  • healthy sleep habits in 2 answers "I strongly recommend the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth."
  • cutoff date in 3 answers "There is inconsistency across the region as to when the cutoff date is."