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Anyone Out There Have a Pond with Turtles and Koi?

It is hard to breed turtles in captivity, but it can happen. ... Put heaters in the pool to keep the water above 40 degrees Fahrenheit OR ...

The Dog Is Stressing Me Out. What Can I Do?

We have 2 small mix breed dogs and one of them is very high maintenance. .... We had to let the dog go that I mentioned above because it turns out he was a ...

I HATE The Term "Stay at Home Mom"!

And I still have to fit into my schedule all that you said above grocery store, errands, ..... You are a special breed in this day and age. Be Awesome! ...

Possibly Deciding to Stop at One Child

... like www.ican-online.org so that you can rise above feeling like you're ..... on but I think the main question, to breed or not to breed, is the same. ...

Want to Breed My Lab

S.K. asks from South Bend

Just thought I would send an inquiry if anyone wants to possibly breed their lab. I have a yellow male lab akc registered. His mom was yellow and dad was chocolate. I...


Looking for a Small Breed Puppy

J.D. asks from New York

I am looking for a small breed dog. My daughter wants one for her 13th birthday. She wants either a shih tzu, maltese or a yorkie. We would like a male, but will take...


What Kind of Breed of Dog for Us?

J.B. asks from Dallas

I have a one-year old son that ADORES dogs. As a matter of fact "dog" and "Osgo" (for Rosco, my mom's dog) were two of his first few words. We would like to get him...


Seeking Recommendation on Dog Breed

C.B. asks from Dallas

We lost our beautiful, loving, 13 year old Keeshond this summer to Lymphoma. We are wanting to get a mid-sized dog (50 pounds or less) that will be good with our boy...


Siberian Cat Breed and Allergies

A.M. asks from Detroit

My family and I are looking into getting a pet cat, but we are allergic. I have done some research into the Siberian breed and may people say that people with allerg...


Looking for Small Breed Pup for My Loving Home

C.B. asks from Pittsburgh

I was wondering if there is anyone in the North Hills whose dog is having or has had puppies and is looking to give them away to a loving home. I am looking for some...

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