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Uneven Milk Production

And good for you for breast feeding. It's normal for milk production to be different on each side, and since it is ..... One Breast Full the Other Not! ...

Breast Enhancement

I had a breast augmentation and I highly recommend it... To be honest going from a full B to a small C is "barely" any different. ...

Advice of Buying a Breast Pump

Sep 30, 2009 ... Read all 32 responses: "Where can I get a good breast pump ... I like the playtex for comfort of pumping, but it did not last a full year. ...

Recommendations for Breast Pumps

I need to get a breast pump because I will return to working full time after maternity leave. I don't know anything about pumps, but I do know some of the ...

Breast Pump Motor Burned Out

Her breast pump wasn't working at full speed so she called "Milk Works" in Lincoln and also Medela. Both places suggested she purchase a new one. ...

Breast Pump

Read all 12 responses: "Which is the best breast pump on the market? ... I worked full time when I was using it with my first one (have a second one coming ...

Breast Feeding

The breast feeding issue you point out is a hard subject. ..... when she had a baby and realized how extremely challenging it was to BF and work full-time, ...

Breast Milk Not Coming Out

That type of bra, she said, confines the breast and keeps the milk ducts from being free to become full as milk is produced. I was skeptical. ...

7 Months and Won't Sleep Through the Night

Then either before or after her last meal on the breast give her a hearty helping of baby cereal. That should keep her full through the night so she won't ...

How Can I Produce More Milk?

If I thought that he wasn't full after one breast, then I would let him feed off of the other. This seemed to help. In regards to the pump, I would pump the ...
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