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4 Yr Old Won't Eat Breakfast

You might offer her something she really likes, even if it isn't "breakfast food ". Some sort of milkshake with a banana in it (fun but with hidden goodness) ...

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Read all 28 responses: "I have never been a great breakfast eater and feel bad because my bad habits are becoming my ... On the Go Healthy Breakfast Food ...

Breakfast for Sleepy Teen

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Since your son is old enough to understand the imporatance of food, that is food is fuel I think addressing ...

Looking for Healthy Breakfast Ideas That Kids Will Actually Eat!

Keep in mind that most mas manufactured breakfast foods don't have the complex carbs and protein we need to stay full and satified for a couple hours. ...

Breakfast for 25 People

I have a family reunion next week and I'm in charge of making breakfast for 25 children and adult ages 2yo to 70yo. I need food & drink ideas that are easy ...

Need Help with Meal Ideas for 11 Month Old

Not necessarily a breakfast food, but my son LOVED cheese toast. Basically it's a cheese single toasted on top of a slice of bread...then cut it up into ...

Need Advices on Breakfast Items

Kids don't have the same hang-ups about "breakfast foods" as we do so your options are endless. At that age, my son loved to start the day with ...

Toddler Food Ideas

Toddler Food Ideas. I am a SAHM of a 4 year old and a 2 year old. My children are not picky eaters at all. I feel as if I am giving them the same breakfast ...

Breakfast Ideas for Almost 10 Month Old

Nov 23, 2009 ... And remember, the morning meal does not have to only consist of what we would normally think of as breakfast food. If she doesn't like to be ...

Food for Finicky Toddler

Do your kids like to prepare food with you? Perhaps they will enjoy making healthy muffins and cutting up fruit for breakfast. ...
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