a break down

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Spring Break

M.D. asks from Chicago

Hi- Can anyone reccomend a mini spring break for a family!! I'm looking to take my 2 girls(ages 8 and 6), husband and myself somewhere maybe within 6 hours or les...


Spring Break

A.S. asks from Dallas

Hey ladies! My husband and I are wanting to take our kids on a little trip this spring break. We want to go somewhere close, and fun for the kids. We are thinking a...


How to Break a Death of a Close Family Member to My Daughter

N.P. asks from Portland

A close family member of my family just died yesterday. :( I need to break this to my daughter but she was really close to the person how should I break it to her? ( ...


Friendship to Break or Not to Break

M.M. asks from Minneapolis

I do not usually post questions but wanted to get some Mommy Feedback on a friendship/relationship I have. A family moved across the street 3 years ago; relocating he...


Can Poor Joplin Get a Break???

D.S. asks from Houston

Man joplin can't win for losing.does anyone other than me hope they get a break Is this what they call when it rains it pours?


Need to Break 4 Y/o Son of Thumbsucking

G.H. asks from Wichita

Any suggestions on how to help my 4 year old son break his habit of thumb-sucking??


How Do I Break the Swaddling?

S.K. asks from Denver

My son is about 4 months old, he is big around 18 pounds. Swaddling has been part of our routine since he was 4 weeks old. I have used the Swaddle Me blankets and the...


Sprain or Break??

T.C. asks from Minneapolis

So i have never broke a bone or sprained anything before so im not sure what i did. I tripped over the dog last night and rolled my ankle. I hear a cracking sound but...


Break up Etiquette

J.A. asks from Philadelphia

We are taking our daughter on a senior trip overseas. She asked if her BF could come. We said yes but he would have to pay for his own airfare. We would cover every...


Break Out Face

S.B. asks from Springfield

Hello Ladies I was just wondering what kind of face products you would recommend?? I have had such bad skin since my son was born and it breaks out and gets irrita...

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  • even a hairline fracture in 2 answers "If it was broken, even a hairline fracture, you'd know it."
  • ace bandage in 3 answers "Wrap it in an ace bandage and even though it's not swollen, keep it elevated and ice ..."
  • used the miracle blanket in 2 answers "I also used the Miracle Blanket because it was the only one he wouldn't wiggle out ..."
  • nursing him back to sleep in 2 answers "I totally agree with the other posters about nursing him back to sleep, too."
  • refundable ticket in 2 answers "... he didn't buy travelers insurance and he could have bought a refundable ticket."