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How to Deal with the Lose of a Loved One & How Long Will I Feel This Way??

Your husband is home on medical leave and I can imagine it is hard to keep a " brave face" on for him and your children. But you must! ...

15 Year Old Step-son Sneaking Out of the House at Night

Coping with divorce or death is very difficult for children of all ages, even when they put a brave face on it and act unfazed, they aren't. ...

"Single" Married Mom - Seeking Other Moms in Similar Situation.

I also do work 1 day a week which makes it challenging to get away (5 hour drive to get there) I normally am able to put on the brave face with a Pollyanna ...

Trouble Producing Milk

I know you are super tired, worried, upset, and trying to put on a brave face for everyone. If you can keep at it until your precious one figures out what ...

How Do You Deal with the Groupie PTA

It's hard to be brave in the face of some of the behavior that reminds us of highschool... the stuff we were hoping these "girls" would outgrow. ...

Fear of Shadows at Bedtime

I also tell them it is ok to be scared, but we need to be brave(you may have to explain the meaning of brave: to face your fear even when you are scared)and ...

Preschool or No Preschool?

They have the rest of their lives to learn to be outgoing and brave in the face of constant strangers and strange situations. BUT, all that aside, ...

Anterior Placenta

I didn't have an anterior placenta but my baby was face up, and delivery was tough. ... since you're brave enough to want to go through this naturally. ...

Without Ultrasound What Else Could It Mean?

You are very brave to not see an OBGYN for your pregnancies and births of your little ones. ... Are you swollen at all, hands, face, feet? Helpful? ...

Baby Shower for a Minor

This girl and her other have done a brave thing. .... I know as a mother myself, that you can talk to your blue in the face with your children, ...
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