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Need Children's Clothing Store with Formal Wear

B.H. asks from Dallas

I live in Frisco and I am trying to find an outfit for my son that will be a ring bearer in April. He will be 14 months old and probably wearing size 18 or 24 months...


Need Opinion on Grocery Store Incident.

J.R. asks from Houston

I went to the grocery store with my two sons ages 3 and 2.The oldest was walking next to me.He asked for apples and I got some.He said he was hungry and grabbed an ap...


How to Have a Little Boy?

A.M. asks from College Station

I have 2 amazing daughters and I would never trade them, but the next baby I would really like to have a little boy! I would like to stop after I have a baby boy bc f...


Boy Scouts

M.M. asks from Dallas

Good morning All, my son needs an extracurricular activitiy AND we've done a couple of sports but they dont seem to be his "thing". I was thinking of giving the boy...


So Is It a Boy or Girl?

A.K. asks from Los Angeles

Ok moms, I know I am a freak when it comes to me being pregnant and I ask every question possible!!! With my last pregnancy it was so hard to enjoy myself and the dev...


Everytime We Go to the Grocery Store My Son Screams to Hear Himself Echo!

N.L. asks from Raleigh

Ok, so usually I have been going to the grocery store while my son takes his nap and my husband is home, but....yesterday I had my son with him and he started doing s...


Best Tasting Store Bought Cake Mix for Cupcakes??

M.P. asks from Chicago

Hi ladies. I am making cupcakes for my son' birthday and I am planning to buy the boxed cake mix and go from there. As you can tell, I am netiher a baker, nor that ...


Seeking Moms to Take a Stand Against Smut in the Grocery Store

B.M. asks from San Diego

I had an interesting experience today in the grocery store with my 14 year old daughter. She brought to my attention a magazine that had inappropriate headlines rega...


What Age Did You Start Letting Your Daughter Pick Her Own Clothes at the Store

M.P. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 5 year old, going on 15.. she is very concerned about clothing. For the most part she has pretty good taste, but sometimes we get a clown outfit every now an...


Parent Seen at Grocery Store Hitting Toddler. What Would You Have Done?

L.W. asks from Detroit

Last night I was at the grocery store and I witnessed a mother strike her (probably) 18 month old son in the front seat of the cart for reaching back into the grocery...

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