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How to Get 4Yr Old Boy Out of Bedroom at Night????

A compromise might be to have the boy start out the evening in his room and if he wakes up and needs some comfort at nite then it's okay to then sleep on ...

Boy/Girl Sleepovers?

i have always allowed boy/girl sleepovers, and at that young age i had no problem with setting them up with sleeping bags in the living room and letting ...

Sleeping Habits for a 11 Week Old Baby Boy

Read all 5 responses: "I was wondering what ages your children had started to sleep through the night and when you gave up night time feeding.

Sleeping Through the Night

Tell him he's a big boy now, and big boy's don't need mommy to sleep with them. Enlist your husband's help if needed. It will be a rough few nights, ...

My Baby Boy Sweats When He Sleeps Is This Normal?

My Baby Boy Sweats When He Sleeps Is This Normal? He is a week old and when he wakes up ... My mom always said he was sleeping so hard he worked up a sweat. ...

6 Month Old Twins Use to Sleep Through the Night but Starting to Have Problems

I have 6 1/2 month old twin boy's who have been sleeping through the night at 3 1/2 months old. The past few nights it seem's like I am constantly putting ...

20 Month Old with New Strange Sleeping Issues

Or if she slept with me I would sleep in the shirt that he wore, because it smelled like him. I know this sounds crazy, but it worked. My third child, a boy ...

Transitioning to Big Boy Bed

Not at first though, he will sleep in our room for a couple of months. My oldest son is moving across the hall into a big boy room with a twin bed. ...

Need Help with Getting Twins to Sleep Through the Night

I have 2 month old boy twins and I don't know what is the best approach to getting them to sleep through the night. I know they are individuals and will ...

8 Month Old Baby Girl Sleeping Through the Night (When Do I Change Her Diaper)

Read all 11 responses: "My 8-month-old daughter started sleeping through the ... And if you're a boy, aim for mom! Hence the direction to cover up with that ...
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  • sleeping bags in the living room in 2 answers "Put them in sleeping bags in the living room/TV room and let them have the sleepover."
  • new big boy bed in 3 answers "Luckily now you are big enough and your new big boy bed is just big enough for both ..."
  • put on a thick layer in 2 answers "... wet it was, but I would not wake her up if she's sleeping. Put on a thick layer ..."
  • through a growth spurt in 2 answers "Some babies go through a growth spurt at 6 months and actually need to be fed at night."
  • old boy girl twins in 2 answers "I am a mother of an 8 year old and 3year old boy/girl twins!!!!! I totally know where ..."