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Gifts for 11 Year Old Boy

I have an 11 yr old boy. He likes CD's, walkman's, t-shirts with funny sayings ... The other thing you can do, is find out if he likes a sport and but him ...

Good Gifts for a 3 Year Old Boy?

Like you, I always want to get him more than just a toy. He loves to play with LEGOS, I got him interested building garages for his cars, now he likes ...

Birthday Present for 9 Year Old Boy?

My daughter is invited to a birthday party of a boy we don't very well who is turning nine. ... That way you'll be sure to get what he likes! ...

Gift for 8Th Grade Boy

I know nothing about what an 8th grade boy might like. I do know that he enjoys school, likes to read, and is into science. Any ideas in the $10.00-$20.00 ...

Ideas for a 6-Year-old Boy Birthday Party

May 17, 2009 ... You can't go wrong with it! If he likes the hunting idea, ... You can't please everyone no matter what you do so the birthday boy is the one ...

Recommendations for Video Game System for 7 Yr. Old Boy

Recommendations for Video Game System for 7 Yr. Old Boy ... going to be playing, what type of games he likes to play and if you are looking for portability. ...

Standing up or Sitting down (How to Potty Train a Boy)

I have a little boy (now 6). I do agree with your MIL that you need to keep .... Some public restrooms have lower urinals and our son likes to tell me that ...

Favorite Boy Names......

Some boy names that I like are Theo, Taylor, Morgan, Cole. ... of names you like , and names you might be willing to consider if the other person likes them. ...

Toddler with "Disney Cars" Obsession:)

Part of me thinks this is totally nomal and that he is just being a boy. ..... Be happy you have somthing he likes. You sound like a wounderful mom. and he ...

Ultrasound Tech Wrong

I was told by my ultrasound tech that the only sure fire guaruntee was if you've got a boy who likes to roll over and show off. ...
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  • his duck hunting in 2 answers "This way he gets his duck hunting party and will not offend anyone."
  • fine motor skills in 2 answers "It is a tangrams game--very good for development and fine motor skills--although all ..."
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