a boy and his dad

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Seeking Sympathy Gift for 7 Yr Old Boy Lost Mom

The boy walked away from the crash and sought help for his family,I can't ... He is currently staying with friends since his dad is still in the hospital ...

Need Moms to Recommend Baby Doll

He is a three or four year old boy who has a little sister, cat, dad, mom, .... my son got a boy cabage patch for his first birthday and he still sleeps ...

Daughter Favoring Daddy

I have two girls and one boy. Mine are3 adults now but my first daughter is .... My son adores his Dad and always has. I felt the same for a little while ...

Help My 5Yr Old Little Boy Has an Attitude for Everything

The father said he was proud and the little boy cried saying yes but look at all the scars. The point is find out what is going on in his little mind and ...

3 Yr Old Boy with Completely Absent Father

His father and I divorced..." ... 3 Yr Old Boy with Completely Absent Father ... I tried to tell him that his dad doesn't live with us but loves him, ...

Son Gets Nervous and Throws up and Gags

Does hubby always put such pressure on this boy? Does the boy need to "earn" love and approval from his dad? That is a big load for a little fellow just ...

Proper Punishment for 10-Year Old Boy

But give him a chance to show you what a great boy he is. He just went through having a new mom, brother, and sharing his dad....of course he will act out! ...

Looking for Books for a Six Year Old

Nov 5, 2009 ... Great books for boys about a boy & his dog Mudge who seem to always get in trouble...well Mudge does....but always means well. ...

Trying to Get Pregnant - Ovulation Kit Results

When I first got married, I thought, "Oooh, I want a boy because my husband's an only child and so is his father...that would keep the family line going if ...

A Small Boy Who Sometimes Gets Pushed Around

Sometimes I feared I had made him too gentle to fit in with the other boys although his dad became impatient & advised him to 'hit back harder'. ...
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