a box turtle

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Gift for 7 Year Old Boy

My 7 & 8 year old love WEBKINS. The newer ones are the turtle & penguin. .... If it's in a box that's all box (and not plastic window on a side) to me that ...


... give it a good clean, and then polish it with car wax (turtle wax). ... Try the Scrubbing Bubbles product--comes in a box and you can get it a Jewel. ...

Gift for Kid Who Has Everything!

Maybe even a jewelry box. A nice gift set from Bath & Body Works is an idea .... a stuffed animal to represent the sea turtle or whatever you have adopted. ...

Sahm Seeking Suggestions for at Home Activities to Do with My Toddler

Then use a cardboard box to make a puppet stage. You can use pens, pencils, crayons, ... It's pretty funny for an adult to see a ninja Turtle and a barbie ...

Halloween Help

Or you could just make him something, like a car out of a box that he ... I have a really cute turtle costume that I'm probably going to end up returning. ...

How Did You Get Rid of the Pacifier?

Oct 3, 2009 ... a big deal out of finding all the pacifiers and putting them in a box next to her bed. ..... At the time they had the Ninja Turtles. ...

Thanksgiving Desserts

One of my favorite desserts to feed a large group is Turtle Trifle. ... cup of liquid not two like it say;s on jello box, use just the cup of cherry juice. ...

1St Birthday!

I just used a box cake and bought the spray can icing to decorate it, ..... I used the baby Einstein frog and turtle off the baby Einstein travel flip cards ...

Best Toys Out There for a 3 Year Old??

One year i went and got a refridgerator box and put his little toy inside...... he played ... They sell little turtle sandboxes if your space is limited. ...

Goodie Bags at a 1St Birthday Party

... store... the boys got some plastic dinosaurs/turtles and sidewalk chalk. .... A coupon from McDonalds for a free ice cream cone or a box of cookies I'm ...
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