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Best Litter Box for Two Cats and a Baby?

We currently have an open-top box with scoop litter..." ... so now we use the rubbermaid storage container with tall sides so they don't pee outside the box ...

Best Way to Store Clothes???

For intermediate storage I used the big rubbermaid storage containers...each of my kids have a "to big box" as I like to buy clothes a season ahead...when ...


I Had bags for garbage, bags for clothes and a box for toys. I could not believe how empty that box was. I love Ikea's ideas for storage, especially for ...

Storing Baby Clothes

You can get a similar box from cases of paper--it's not as good, ... I used under bed bins to storage my baby's clothes for a whole year and just recently i ...

Saving and Storing School/art Projects

I write on the edge of each box the child's name and grade during which the project was created and the boxes stack nicely on a storage shelf in our attic. ...

Washer and Dryer

Is there anything I should do before we move to prepare them for storage? Thanks for..." ... I would put a box on baking soda to absurb oders. ...

Will Breast Milk Get Freezer Burn?

I used Medela breast milk freezer storage bottles, put the milk in immediately, ... I think it's about $12 for a box of 24 and they actually come ...

Tool Box for Hubby

Read all 7 responses: "My husband wants a tool box for Christmas, but I have no idea ... getting one that has a larger storage compartment at in the bottom. ...

Need Organization Ideas for Kids Sharing a Bedroom

Once they are flat, they can go in under the bed storage boxes or even between the mattress and box springs. For additional closet space, I would recommend ...

How to safely ship frozen breast milk?

In saying this, you can find the storage bags for milk at Target. ... Then, they just ship it Fed-Ex overnight (in the cooler, in the box). ...
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  • self cleaning litter box in 2 answers "... 2 litter boxes, and frequent cleaning, covered but not self cleaning litter box ..."
  • covered litter box in 9 answers "I would probably get a covered litter box."
  • litter box in the laundry in 3 answers "We have a covered litter box in the laundry room."
  • put the litter box in 3 answers "... is that everyone has a bathroom, or at the least, a tub. put the litter box ..."
  • clumping litter in 3 answers "... off their feet (can find in the cat box areas). We use the clumping litter ..."