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Sugar Ants Won't Go Away!!!

go an get you some red pepper and put it around your doors and around ... They called them farrow ants, but they looked like sugar ants to me. ... Terro is the magic stuff for sugar ants in your kitchen. Comes in a little orange box. ...

Dog Allergy or Just Irritation?...and Know Anything About Border Terriers?

Sep 17, 2009 ... I am sure after the dog knew her and was around her more often ... leery of an over-active dog that is going to drive me crazy! ... I would reccomend having your daughter visit with the dog and see if she has a reaction. ...

15 Yr. Old Cat Peeing- How Do I Know If It's Serious?

I used to have a litter box upstairs only and I had to put one downstairs as well. ... I have a 20 year old cat that is also peeing around the house. ... If this is out of the ordinary for your cat, I would get her checked out for a UTI ... Remember Me. By clicking "Continue to Mamapedia", I agree to the Mamapedia ...

What's the Best Diaper Disposal System?

Thanks everyone for your responses. I have decided to keep my Diaper ... The best one that I found was a box of scented disposable bags from the ... I am a mother of two and I have found the best thing for me is to buy ... When you think about it, why would you want dirty and wet diapers sitting around your house, ...

Stray Cats Taking over Backyard

M.E. answers from Anchorage on May 31, 2008. Hi A. -. You can plant lemon balm or lemon grass and place the pots around your garden or plant them directly ...

Help! My 15 Year Old Is Driving Me Crazy!

A confrence with the teachers and your son? That embarrased me and made me do ... It took awhile for me to turn it around but I did graduate on time with a ...

Rats/Mice In Walls - Help!

They start scratching or chewing and it's noisy enough to wake me. ... them put it in a shoe box so i could carry it away and let it go FAR AWAY but i left ... If you don't hear/see them any more, then go all around your house and spray ...

My New Kitten Refuses to Use Liter Box

Well the kitten and I have bonded very well. He follows me around..." ... Maybe, put something of your husbands IN the litter box... Or, keep your kitten in ...

Need a Fun Creative Way to Tell Our Family We Are Having Another Baby

In February 2006, my daughter gave me a wrapped box (it was my birthday) with the ... Stayed tuned for Answer sometime around (your approx due date". ...

Army Party Game Ideas

Make a "fort" out of a cardboard box that the kids could paint green and cover with ... I was thinking you could also set up an obstacle course around your house and .... Remember Me. By clicking "Continue to Mamapedia", I agree to the ...
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