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Bpa-free Bottle Recommendations

Read all 13 responses: "I have been searching for a BPA-free bottle for my 13 month old. ... Two recommendations: 1) Sassy MAM bottles. I love them! ...

The Bottle

Have her throw the bottle in the trash and give her a sippy-cup afterwards. Let her pick out the sippy-cup when you go shopping for one, or two. ...

Weaning a 2 Year Old from the Bottle

Read all 11 responses: "My son is 2 years and 3 months and is still on the bottle. I will be honest - we have not made a strong attempt to take him off.

6 Month Old Does Not Want to Take a Bottle

You might want to try bottle only for breakfast and lunch and a nice two oz porridge (grain) for dinner. That will stick to her tummy and keep her sleeping ...

Weaning 11 Mo Old off the Bottle

She might start to move around, looking for it, but wait a second or two and see if she settles. If she doesn't, go ahead and put the bottle back into her ...

Taking the Bottle

The only reason that I want to start with a bottle is because he has two bottom teeth and he is biting me more and more. If anyone one has any suggestions I ...

At What Age Is a Good Age for Bottle Breaking?

We gradually weaned our son off the bottle by giving him a sippy cup during the day, and his bottle at meal times. Then gradually cut down the bottle to two ...

Best Nipples for Baby Refusing Bottle

I've got a 3 month old who took bottle at two weeks, I got lax, tried again at 6 weeks and ever since she has refused. Looking for some guidance of what has ...

Taking Away the Bottle?

My two boys both had bottles until they were between 15-18 months... I just started limiting and offering tippy cups... and they gave the bottle up pretty ...

Getting Baby to Take Bottle

I had this same trouble with my first two children. I tried everything, they would not drink from a bottle. I tried every type of bottle nipple out there. ...
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