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Looking for Inspirational Teen Book...Preferably Christian Themed

I don't know if this would be what you are looking for but I read a book called "The Sword, The Ring, The Parchment" by Ed Dunlop. It is the first book in ...

Can't Remember the Name of a Book from My Childhood

Read all 8 responses: "I'm trying to remember the name of a book I read as a child, and all I remember is there was a babysitter who turned water from the ...

Seeking Discipline Book to Read Re: 3 Year Old's Behavior

Jul 27, 2009 ... Read all 23 responses: "I am desperately looking for advice from all you moms for a good book to help in the discipline and behavior of my 3 ...

I Need a Good -- No Great -- Book

Read all 15 responses: "What's the best book you've read lately? ... It took me a week to read book 6, I read every free moment I had. ...

Book Suggestions for 4 Year Old

I am looking for reading suggestions that I can read to my 4 yo son each night at bedtime. I would prefer a book with chapters that we could do 1 chapter ...

Seeking Advice About Talking with Daughter About Puberty.

My daughter and I read the book "Are you there God it's me Margeret" by Judy Blume. It talks about how the body goes thru changes and what to expect. ...

Good Book for 8-10 Yr Olds

Jun 11, 2009 ... Read all 8 responses: "I am looking for a good book to read together with my 8 and 10 year old sons. Something along the lines of Harry ...

Any Ideas on How to Get My Husband to Read a Parenting Book?

Read all 8 responses: "I found a parenting book that I really like. Problem is DH won't even consider looking at it let alone read it.

Baby Book, HELP!!!

Read all 23 responses: "Hi ladies! I need major help picking a baby book for my 3 ... I don't need a book to read to my baby, I need a baby book, you know, ...

Looking for a Few Good Book Suggestions for a 6 Year Old Girl

She also likes the Junie B Jones books and you can read a whole book to a child in 2 or 3 nights... Problem w/ Junie B Jones is that the grammar is poor ...
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