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Good Labor and Delivery Books for Future Dad

Read all 12 responses: "I am trying to find a good book for my husband to ... It is a very emotional time and I doubt that books can prepare you for that ...

Help with Behavior

Dec 23, 2009 ... Hello, I have a two year old and sometimes she get mean,But one day i notice all she wants is me to spend time with her like read a book to ...

Explaining Death

The book "The Fall of Freddy the Leaf" was probably as helpful to me as to .... From the time my children were young I taught them that God created us and ...

Seeking Children's Activity Ideas near Rockwall

Lynda Morley has written a book called Outings and Adventures Everywhere! ... Also, I sometimes take my little girl to Story Time at the Library on ...

Book Recommendations for Potty Training and Positive Parenting?

We still read him his book. But I never got past the first chapter. My husband and I split our time so that's why I only put him in underwear in the evening ...

Stir Crazy on Bed Rest, What Do I Do?

Also, I recently bought a book to fill in for my kids about my life, how I met my husband etc. Once the baby comes you will have no time to write down ...

5 Year Old Driving Me Nuts!!

I would buy a book for little kids on manners to make it fun for her, and at the same time she is learning. That's how I teach my kids manners, ...

Hospital Stay After a Mastectomy

Jan 13, 2010 ... I would like to have magazines, puzzles, maybe a book if she likes to read- anything to make the time pass. Helpful? ...

Looking for Books While Expecting #2

My all time favorite PG book (for me) was "Christ Centered Childbirth." Even if you're not a Christian, it has the best, most complete info about pregnancy, ...

Nutritional Cookbook

My mom is a full time RVer and she gave me a cookbook that uses 6 ... I recently got Bob Greene's "Best Life Diet" book and it has some great recipes in it. ...
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