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Seeking Good Book to Prepare First Time Dad

Dec 21, 2009 ... entitled "I know you're pregnant, but what about me? ... My husband loved the book Be Prepared A Practical Handbook for New Dads. ...

HELP ! HELP ! HELP! Strong Willed Child

I was also able to get some help from Dobson's book entitled, "Love must be Tough". While this second book was more about the marrage relationship, ...

Need More Romance from My husband...help!! PlEaSe!?

Something that really helped us a lot was a book entitled "101 nights of Grrreat Romance". It had a bunch of sealed pages with great romantic ideas. ...

College Savings Plan

Now with that said, I would recommend you read a book by Suze Orman entitled, " Women & Money." In the book, she recommends you give hear 24 hours a month. ...

Can a Three Year Old Have ADHD?

I recommend you look for a book entitled "Your Three and Four Year Old". It really helped me to read it. I guess I realized my son's behaviors were very ...

Throwing a Fit at School and at Home !!

Sep 22, 2009 ... In my quest to find something that worked (and believe me, I tried EVERYTHING), I came across a book by Dr. Marvin Marshall entitled ...

My Kitten with HORRABLE Gas?!?!?!

I checked with a book I have entitled Symptom Solver for Dogs and Cats. On page 147 it says, "A gassy pet is often a worm-infested pet. ...

Ideas for Strong Will 17 Month Old Boy

You need a book entitled "Back in Control." And, believe me, if you don't get control now, you are in for a hard ride when this child reaches his teens. ...

1 Month Old Won't Take Naps and Never Sleeps Longer than 2 Hours

She told me that she read a book entitled "On Becoming Baby Wise". She also told me that there were many things she disagreed with but found a few others ...

Need Some Good Book Ideas for Book Club

My book club has a hard time coming up with ideas each month, ... We also just read a memoir entitled "The Glass Castle" that made for a good discussion. ...
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