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Freaked Out About Potty Training!! (Me--not My Son!)

Also, I'd love a book, system, website, reward ideas, and anything else you can recommend to get me more comfortable with the upcoming adventure. THANKS! ...

Can't Remember the Name of a Book from My Childhood

Holy Smokes, I loved that book! What a blast from the past. Thanks for reminding me. How much fun is it to share these books with our kids. ...

Behavior and Discipline for 5 Year Old Boy

I have two boys, also, about the same ages as yours (just turned 6 and almost 3) and that book helped me a lot. I don't lose my patience nearly as fast ...

Where to find baby memory book?

Another product that we offer is a digital book. You can download different themes and combine them to create pages. Let me know if you are interested. ...

Want Reviews on Book- "Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self- Indulgent World"

My sister (who does not have children) just called to tell me that I should buy and read this book that is all about how to foster confidence and..."

Baby Names with Biblical Meaning

i have a book on biblical names i live in romulus, i already picked out my sons name so if you want to borrow my book let me know, [email protected]____.com. ...

Looking for a Book or Advice on Teaching Son That Some Words Are Naughty Words.

Oct 17, 2009 ... Before you critisize me for letting him hear the words, I..." ... I thought a book or something would be a good way to teach him that those ...

Any Recommendations on a Good Parent's Discipline Book?

Have you heard of the book Love & Logic? Several friends of mine, including a teacher and a Principal, highly recommended this book to me. ...

Attention: Book Worms!

I love to read- but I've never joined a book club. Let me know if others respond . I am a SAHM of a 2-yr old girl, married for almost 6 years and live in ...
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