a bone spur

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How to Get Rid of a Heel Spur

M.T. asks from Austin

I have now had a heel spur for quite some time and it HURTS. Especially when I have been sitting or lying down for a while then go to get up. It will hurt all the way...


Has Anyone Had a Bone Spur(s) Surgically Removed from a Foot and If So....

A.L. asks from Las Vegas

did it make matters better or worse? Evening, I have THREE bone spurs in the heel of my left foot. I went to the Podiatrist over a year ago and she said the spurs c...


Looking for a Doctor for Possible Heel Spur Treatment

A.B. asks from Houston

I'm looking for a doctor to treat a possible heel spur (foot pain), a podiatrist or orthopedist. I have had heel pain for a while and it's becoming too painful. I liv...


2 Yr Old Has Lump on Collar bone..anyone Else Had This?

A.S. asks from Dallas

My 2 yr old son has a lump/bump right on his collarbone. I think his sister actually had it when she was that young and it eventually went away...although I saw it b...


Help Moms How Can I Fix My Foot.

J.H. asks from Houston

i have a bone spur and it hurts all the time how can i get rid of this thing i done been to a foot doctor they say there aint much i can do for it.do you moms have so...


Podiatrist or Orthopedic Doctor for Foot Problem?

J.B. asks from Boston

For those of you who have had foot issues, would you recommend a podiatrist or orthopedist? I have what I believe is a bone spur or some sort of inflammation on the t...


Looking for a Good Podiatrist

T.W. asks from Orlando

I am in desperate need of a really good podiatrist in or around the Vista Lakes/ Waterford Lakes area. I developed tendonitis a couple of years ago while training fo...


9 Year Old Son Has Trouble with His Heels

L.A. asks from Topeka

My nine year-old son has started complaining about his heels hurting. He says that it feels like he has pebbles in his shoes. He has tried to wear different shoes a...


Are We Obligated to Pay for Ex-dog's Surgery?

L.R. asks from Portland

This is more a pet mothering request than a child mothering request, but I'd really like to hear your opinions. A little over 3 years ago, we had to find a new hom...


Plantar Fasciitis Surgery

T.M. asks from New York

Hello everyone, I have a question, not for me, but for a friend. My friend had Plantar Fasciitis surgery on October 9th after years of suffering with the condition...

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