a bone in the arm

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Cyst Like- Balls- Lumps Both Sides of Inner Pelvic Bone(the v Area Above Vagina)

Cyst Like- Balls- Lumps Both Sides of Inner Pelvic Bone(the v Area Above Vagina) .... The same can happen in the arm pits and at the sides of her neck. ...

"Seeking Arm Cast Advice"

P.S. My ortho only recommends it for short arm casts b/c the water can drain .... It takes at least 6 weeks fora bone to heal if you cant stand the smell ...

High Fever and Leg Pain

My son had a bone infection when he was in the NICU...his symptoms were fever and leg pain. .... 18 month old fever 103 · hairline fracture arm treatment ...

How to handle multiple fractures in toddler?

My toddler fractured his arm by climbing out of his crib this summer. It was a buckle fracture, where the bone bends and splits like a green branch (also ...

Numbness in Arms and Hands

Read all 65 responses: "My husband has had on-going numbness in his arms and hands ... Not just a bone cruncher, but someone who will work with your for a ...

Are Trampolines Safe?

Major = more than one broken bone, long term restriction of activity due to ... I broke my arm teaching my daughter how to roller skate at a skating rink. ...

Motivating My Daughter to Move

It was a pretty bad break of the femur bone. She was hospitalized for a week, ... My daughter dislocated her arm when she was 10 and wouldn't straighten it ...

Bump on Toddlers Forehead from Fall

When it was stitches for one, then a broken arm for another, ... My 3.5 yo has a bone bruise on his forehead from hitting the ceramic tile floor face first ...

Advice on Caring for a Toddler with a Long Leg Cast

My son had an arm cast at 18 months (totally different, I know) but my point .... They then had to do surgery, rebreak the bone and put him in traction for ...

Bumpers in the Crib

There have been times that she has woke up crying because her arm was stuck ... I don't want her getting stuck or fracturing a bone, because I took the ...
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  • swollen lymph nodes in 3 answers "Doctor told me they may be swollen lymph nodes and something from a slight infection."
  • enlarged lymph nodes in 2 answers "But with a rash and enlarged lymph nodes you should get it checked out ASAP."
  • repetitive strain injury in 2 answers "Due to his line of work it sounds like repetitive strain injury."
  • deep tissue massage in 2 answers "(my MD recommended). But, by going to massage therapy (deep tissue massage), chiro ..."