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My Son Got His Shots on Thursday, on One Thigh Its Real Swollen

B.J. asks from Miami

its sunday already and his thigh is really swollen and hard on the shot site, like if u see him from far his leg looks deformed, hes got fever only 2 times, he seems ...


Shoes with Wheels for Younger Kids?

M.M. asks from Austin

Hi. My son has been asking me for a pair of those shoes that have wheels in the soles. I think they are called "Heelies" ? I see many teenagers using them in the ...


Opinions on Returning to Work After a Long Stay at Home

T.R. asks from Stockton

I just am interested in moms that have stayed at home for a long period of time and then decided to return to work. It seems like the balance would be way to much to ...


Do You YOGA?

L.L. asks from Topeka

Have any DVD's that you would recommend?So many of them to look at i'm a beginner of course.Have done a few poses while pregnant and after pregnancy that my midwife r...


PediaSure-Yes Or No?

S.L. asks from Anchorage

My 5 year old is a VERY finicky eater. She usually only eats about 1 good meal a day and some snacks through out the day, but not many. I try to make these as healthy...


Breastfeeding and Losing Weight?

A.G. asks from Houston

I'm having such a hard time finding the right balance of calories to keep up with my breast milk and losing weight. I'm very active now, I usually pull in 30 min to ...


Concerns About the Seasonal and Swine Flu

D.M. asks from Detroit

Good morning all---There has been much talk in the news about the flu and things that we are to do to safeguard our health. What are you doing beyond hand washing? ...


10 Month Old Allergic to Dairy

A.C. asks from Jacksonville

I have recently discovered my 10 month old daughter has a milk allergy. Whenever she has anything dairy (yogurt, cheese, formula, cheese puffs, etc.) she breaks out ...



C.C. asks from St. Louis

My daughter Adalyn is almost 17 mos ols on march 10 adalyn had her shots. A week later on st. pats day I took her to the parade ahe acreamed for 2 hours. I knew some...


Hot Baby!

H.P. asks from Houston

My 17mo is a hot box, meaning that he gets warm very easily and sweats. (His father is the same way, just warm to the touch all the time.) He sleeps with the fan on...

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