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I Am Looking at Doing a Total Body detox....any Suggestions....

Sometimes it is called the lemonade diet, but it is really for cleansing purposes. It also will help you reset your body if you want to choose a healthier ...

Detoxing Your Body

I wanted to start by detoxifying my body. ... I did a cleanse about 2 months ago . It was $250 for an 11 day program through Isagenix. (Isagenix.com) I lost ...

Slimquick Cleanse Reviews

Unfortunately, any of these "cleanses" are very bad for your body. I'll tell you honestly that most of them make all kinds of false claims...and Slim Quick ...

Breastfeeding Mom Wanting to Take Acai Berry Supplements

Breastfeeding is very demanding of the body, and a colon cleanse will further stress you. I think it would be wise to wait until you've weaned your little ...

Body Wraps? Do They Work?

no it does not. they count a total of body inches and then after 24 hrs you ... My advise is a good cleanse, email me today (leaving for trip tommorow) or ...

Acqui Berry Cleanse

Read all 5 responses: "Anyone tried the acqui berry cleanse?" ... Most toxins in your body find there way to the intestinal tract and never leave. ...

Seeking for Advice on Detox Pills

There is a detox tea that I much prefer because it isn't harsh on the body. There is also an Herbal Colon Cleanse if you want to take that route. ...

Salt Water Flush - Anyone Done One, or Have Experience with It?

Colon cleanse is an extremely evasive process for the body to go through, and it's not something that should be done regularly. The chemicals and herbs used ...

Sludge in Gall Bladder

The cleanse will even remove stones. Some problems with gall bladder removal .... From what I know about the body, I would think that "sludge" would preceed ...

7 Year Old with Severe Allergies, Asthma, and Eczema

To help his system to settle down, do a body cleanse with him. There are many brands available for digestive and blood cleansing and they work very well. ...
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