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Toddler Growing Out Hair

Jun 20, 2009 ... By all means cut the back. My daughter had hair that was thin and ... only took this long because I kept it cut in a bob for quite a while. ...

14 Month Old Daughter Pulls Her Hair Out!

She would just tie it in major rats nests and I would have to spend hours combing it out or just cut it out at times. We kept her hair in a bob until she ...

Stacked Haircut

Read all 6 responses: "OK I am getting my hair cut tomorrow and I am TRYING to ... I searched bob haircuts and stacked haircuts..and searched images instead ...

What to Do W/daughters Straight, Fine, Thin Hair?

I took her to get her hair cut and we had it cut into a short bob. .... my sis is a hair stylist and she says to get it cut a bob style with bangs.. short ...

5 Year Old Girl Wants Short Hair-dad Says "No"

They said ok to the bob, but no shorter. So cutting it to that length is better than no cut. I think it's really interesting that she told them something ...

Embarrassing Question About Hair Loss After Baby

I cut my hair into a bob so nobody could tell. But by the time my son was 6-7 months old it all started growing back. I still dont have thick hair anymore ...

My Daughter Cut Her Hair and I'm Really Upset

For what it is worth with Kindergarten - we got my daughter's hair cut about 1 week before the first day and the lady cut it way to short (she has a bob ...

Need to Find a Great Salon or Stylist in Omaha

Read all 4 responses: "Hi Ladies, I need to get my hair cut but have no idea ... I wear my hair in a layered bob so it isn't really funky, but I know she ...

How Do You Keep Hair Out of a Toddler's Eyes?

They were cheap enough that I would normally cut them out of her hair instead of re-using. .... style short hair cut · black hair braids · hairstyles bob ...

Detangling My Daughters Hair

She cut about 8 inches off either side of her head. After a little growing out she has a bob that we both love. I still want it to get back down to her ...
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  • use a wide tooth comb in 3 answers "use a wide tooth comb prior to washing your daughter's hair."
  • wide toothed comb in 2 answers "I use a very wide toothed comb and keep my daughter's hair short."
  • biosilk silk therapy in 2 answers "I finally found some serum called Biosilk Silk Therapy that is a miracle product."
  • satin pillow case in 2 answers "Try a satin pillow case - it also helps keep braided hair to look better longer."
  • make sure to keep the scissors in 2 answers "... her bubble". i know this happens and i would make sure to keep the scissors ..."