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Crayon off the Walls?

I used to use baking soda to get crayon off of the tables when I worked in ... Try 409 and a light colored sponge (not blue) it takes all kind of things off ...

Need Ideas on How to Remove Ink

I haven't had the ink issue, but I did have a blue crayon run-in. I washed the clothes in hot water (took out anything that I thought might bleed) first ...

Little Picasso

We try to keep all pens, crayons, markers, pencils, etc. out..." ... He even figured out that a blue part to his train set makes pretty blue marks when he ...

Blue Paint All over Floor

My husband was shaking a paint marker and I now have little blue paint specs all over my kitchen floor. .... Removing Crayons and Markers from Walls ...

Worried My 22 Month Old May Be Color Blind...

Or a test that requires him to 'circle the brown ball or draw a line to the blue ball'. And I also buy crayons and colored pencils with the names of the ...

Halloween Costume

I made my toddler a crayon one year out of: blue sweat shirt & pants, a blue hat ( I had to stuff it with poly-fill (or you could use a styrafoam cone) ...

How to Tell Husband You Are Pregnant

Since we are so close to Christmas how about getting a pink and blue crayon and wrapping them in a small box with a bow on it. Better yet if you can't wait ...

HELP! Blue Tinted Nail Polish REMOVER Stain on Laminate Sealed Wood Table

Blue-tinted nail polish remover bottle wasn't closed all the way and sat on table ... It DID NOT eat away at the laminated top, a blue stain somehow seeped ...

My Two Year Old Colors on Everything!

He even found a blue permanent marker and colored on my new stove and .... Still we have times where I find little crayon marks on the wall by his room. ...

Dry Erase Marker on Chalkboard

... work wonders on everything ...the little white ones in a blue box. ... I know for a fact that wd40 will work on crayon on chalkboard so it may work on ...
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  • try a magic eraser by mr in 2 answers "Try a Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean. I've used them to remove permanent marker before ..."
  • crayons and colored pencils in 2 answers "... out of WWII and I had to make sure all the crayons and colored pencils ..."
  • nail polish remover in 2 answers "If not- try nail polish remover (again- watch on polished floors!)."
  • clean magic erasers in 2 answers "I have found that the mr. clean magic erasers will take off most stuff, permanent ..."
  • clean magic eraser in 2 answers "hahaha The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser worked pretty well on the walls, doors, & fish ..."