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Child Being Bit at Daycare

Read all 12 responses: "My daughter is 16 months old and is constantly getting bit ever since she moved into the 1 year old room at daycare, I"m told that ...

Teaching Kids to Read

Memory is a good one but you have to change the rules a bit. .... She may just need a bit more time. My son didn't really start reading until a few months ...

Ouch! My 5 1/2 Month Old Bit Me While nursing...hard!

Read all 18 responses: "I did see there was another post about this but the baby was over 7 months. My son got his first two teeth (bottom) about 3 weeks ...

3 Month Old Continually Waking When Put down to Sleep

I'd let him fuss a little bit, but don't want him to wake his sister. .... Could he have a little bit of reflux? Our son did that at that age and he would ...

I Tried to Burn the House down...lingering Smell

I may sound a bit paranoid but, with two kids with asthma I have to be a bit paranoid. If you melted a plastic, you likely released some really harmful ...

My Baby Is a Bit Feverish After Vaccination

Read all 23 responses: "Hello All, My baby is a bit warm but not quite a fever. he got his meningitis and hepatitis vaccine yesterday. i didnt want too many ...

My Daughter Has a Bit of a "Humping" Issue!

Read all 7 responses: "A few months ago I walked into my two and a half year old daughter's room and discovered her lying on her tummy with her stuffed ...

3 Month Old Is Still Waking up Every Three Hours to Eat.

If you baby is bottle fed then you might add just a little tinny bit of cereal in to his bottle. ... I would add a little bit of RICE cereal to the bottle. ...

How to Make Popcorn

Put it on medium high heat (I use 8 on an electric stove) and shake the pan around a bit while the kernels get a bit bronze-colored. ...

Good Games?

Katamari damacy is a very fun game that is a bit older so it costs less. ... im a bit of a gamer myself and i seem to like more of the childrens games. a ...
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