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Need Birthday Help

Need Birthday Help. all the birthday's are either at a pump it up or incredible pizza. i .... It may be a bit old, but it would depend in your daughter. ...

Can't breathe...can't Nurse - HELP!

Or...put a big ol' glob of regular vicks in your cleavage when she nurses...that might help clear her up a bit when she's nursing. ...

Congested 6 Month Old

When you use the saline drops, hold him on his back a bit upside down, it helps to have another adult help out with this, squirt some saline into one ...

Help for 5 Year Old's Dry, Itchy Scalp

Try a Tea Tree Oil Shampoo. Paul Mitchell makes a great one. It will tingle her scalp a bit, but it will really help the itching. Good Luck! ...

HELP! My 3 Month Old Hates Car Rides!

Well, that seemed to help a bit. Not completely. There were times at night that we had to drive and she would be really fussy, so I turned the light on that ...

Help! My Daughter Hates Sleep!

It's cold so feels good on the gums and gives a bit when chomped on. That might help with the pain of teething. Are you set up to soothe her in her own room ...

Help with My Foggy Pool

When the water starts getting a bit milky in my pool usually I need to ... Scum balls (at the pool store) can also help with the things that come off of ...

Help! Pregnate Broke Mom Needs Cheap Recipes

Oct 30, 2009 ... I spray skillet w/Pam (or cooking spray) & add a tiny bit of oil...enough to spread on area you fry on to help prevent sticking. ...

Lice and My 5 Month Old! HELP!!

Read all 13 responses: "Help!! My 5 month old son was exposed to head lice ... get a bit wattery but it still works good and the tea tree oil will help get ...

10 Month Old with BAD Diarrhea PLEASE HELP!!

Does anyone know what I could be giving her to stop her up a little bit? Or how I can help her with this problem? Should I be going back to the doctor? ...
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  • packet of taco seasoning in 2 answers "... this a different day) I usually use about a half of a packet of taco seasoning ..."
  • tea tree oil in 5 answers "I have been told that putting Tea Tree Oil in their shampoo will prevent any outbreaks."
  • cream of mushroom soup in 2 answers "... in or out, I prefer in). 1 regular size can of cream of mushroom soup."
  • teething does cause diarrhea in 2 answers "... become drowsy, lethargic, confused, etc...... Teething does cause diarrhea ..."
  • tea tree oil in 3 answers "I heard that tea tree oil is great for the scalp and great for dandruff, maybe it ..."