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Breastfed Baby Refusing Bottle

She took the bottle much better from me if I wasn't holding her directly. ... he's up to handling the breast (it was a bit much for him for a while there). ...

2Year B-day Party in January

Jul 15, 2009 ... Dear A., Everyone is different, but 30 sounds a bit much, of course that includes moms, since you are talking 2 year olds. ...

Already Showing?

Sound normal to me, 4 to 5 months sounds like a bit much but, ya I was like that too. and you said you are over weight, well so am I and I carry most of it ...

"Avatar" Advice

Dec 26, 2009 ... It might be a bit much for a 7 or 8 year old, but there were a few that age in the audience. It will depend upon the individual and you know ...

In Need of a Craft and Game Idea for 3Rd Grade Winter Classroom Party

I realize you only have 10 minutes, and I agree you should be prepared but having everything pre-cut exactly the same is a bit much for a third grader. ...

Where's the Best Beach?

I loved Chicago North Ave beach pre-baby, but it is a bit much now. Glencoe is much easier to keep track of the kids too. Have fun, I love the beach! ...

Recipe for 1St Birthday Cake

Just take the marshmallow's off for her cause that may be a bit much and she could choke but they came out so nice and were alot of fun and I made them will ...

Mom Wondering Age for Sibling to Watch Younger Sibling

Although your 12-year-old may be very mature and loves to help you around the house and with the children, taking care of 3 is a bit too much responsibility ...

Seeking Advice for an "Active" Child

... because it's hard Also using simple statements likePut on your shoesPut your plate in the sink Even these short sentences can be a bit much My husband ...

Iron Overdose

I was just wondering how much iron is too much and is it easy to overdose on it? ... to know all about every ailment and cure is asking for a bit much. ...
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