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1 Month Old Won't Take Naps and Never Sleeps Longer than 2 Hours

But I have a 3 month old baby girl, who couldn't sleep for more than a few ...... I know the formula is a little bit more expensive but I heard the best ...

My Daughter Seems to like Her Teacher More than Her Parents

However, I noticed that I need to discuss our values a bit more. .... With some children, more than what is necessary causes spoiling/ungrateful attitudes. ...

Lifetime Fitness-Mansfield

Jun 6, 2009 ... I know that it is a bit more expensive than other gyms so I am just wondering what is included. Are the kids swimming lessons and summer ...

5 Mo. Old Not Sleeping More than 2-3 Hrs Between Feedings at Night

And having the crib as a sidecar allowed that much more room for us to move around .... It's possible she has a little bit of reflux, and when nursing, then ...

Seeking Advice on Infant Formula Brands

The other is that it costs a bit more than the popular brands. .... It is a bit more expensive than store brands, but I loved it and started using the ...

Skin Problem

If you would like some samples or more about the products, i will be more than happy to share them! Here is a bit about Arbonne's products:: ...

Friends 7 Yr Old Girl Eats More than My Husband.

I think it really caused me a lot more harm than good. I wouldn't say I snuck food ... It sounds to me like the girl might need to be hungry for a bit. ...


If today you got 3 oz. then put it away and try again tomorrow for a bit more. You might have to do that 4 or 5 days ahead of time to plan for a night away. ...

Help with 1 Year Old and Napping

My third child, 9 months, is now napping for about 15 minutes in the morning, around 11am and then he plays for a bit more. We then have lunch around 12:45 ...

Nutrisystem or Medifast?

It is a bit more expensive than the ads let on. You have to add veggies, fruit and snacks. I like the system, but am much more satisfied with ...
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