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6 Month Old Infant Has Teeth and Started Biting During Nursing... Any Advice?

Oct 13, 2009 ... this sounds harsh- but when my son bit me i immediatly flicked him on the cheek. he cried but never did it again. he knew right away that it ...

Would It Be Out of Place for Me to Throw My Own Baby Shower???

So I'm a bit hesitant. I just don't know. For my first born, my mother and sister threw me a baby shower, and I explicitly told them not to because I ...

Pregnant - Feel a Bit Guilty

Although i won't annonce it for a few weks yet i feel she'll be a bit pissed ... I was pregnant I kinda hoped that someone else would be pregnant with me. ...

6 Month Old with First Tooth Biting While Breastfeeding

My daughters (6 months) first tooth just came in and she has bit me about 6 .... So, that's what worked for me. Everytime they bit, they lost the booby. ...

PLEASE Help Me Find This Cake!

Tell me a little bit more about this cake. What is it made of? Yellow or Choc cake... cream in it...frosting... is it layered. Helpful? ...

My Son Is Biting Me!!

Having said that, it was went against every instinct in my body to draw him in closer when he bit me, but it worked! Second, for biting at other times, ...

Help! My Baby Is Using Me as a Pacifier All Night Long!!

Sorry this is a bit scattered; I just typed it as I thought of things. Please, don't comment/preach to me that co-sleeping is dangerous; we do it very ...

Our Family Dog Bit Our Daughter and Other Recent Aggression Issues! H-E-L-P!

Oct 12, 2009 ... and got bit. Hard and bloody. I was PISSED. Believe me, if your dog is barking all the time, and sulking around growling, your neighbors are ...

Please Help Me Understand About the Cereal

My daughter loves it mixed with a bit of applesauce. I just buy a jar of the ..... She helped me watch for the signs of readiness and it was amazing to see. ...

Pregnant Again at 35 (Almost 36) a Bit Nervous

I am a bit nervous because of complications I have been warned of with ... Anyway enough about me but with our moms that are "in the risk for age with ...
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