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Water Birth Vs. Epidural REVISED

I commend you for looking into a water birth. My best friend had both of her children in ..... Seeking Positive Natural Birth Stories from 2Nd+ Pregnancies ...

HypnoBirthing Classes

We had the most amazing birth using the HypnoBirthing techniques. .... Seeking Positive Natural Birth Stories from 2Nd+ Pregnancies ...

Interested in Hearing from Some Mamas About Their Birth Experiences!

Whenever I tell another mom about my birth story I hear an underlying judgement. One expecting mom even told me that C-sections only happen for women who ...

Last Minute Birth Decision

I hope you have a wonderful birth!! Please do post back and let me know how ... As far as positive stories from Women's hospital, i have to tell you that i ...

Natural Birth

I was alert and with it for all of the second birth and I wouldnt go back and .... Long story short, with my next child I planned a pain med free labor. ...

Birth Control Ideas

What do you all suggest for birth control. I just had a baby and she is getting both breastmilk and formula. And I've heard too many stories of women ...

Has Anyone Had a "Revision" After Giving Birth?

I gave birth at a birth center, so it was completely natural with no episiotomy. ... Anyway, long story short - she helped and more time helped. ...

How to Tell 3Yr Old About Birth-dad When She Only Knows Step-dad

We were seperated within weeks of her birth and since she was 6 months. ... My story is a little bit similar. My daughter is now 9 but her dad wasn't ever ...

Need Advice

Surround yourself with happy, easy, EMPOWERING birth stories. Check out local childbirth educators, doulas etc. I believe that once you start putting out ...

Wanting Vaginal Birth but Have Genital Herpes

Anyways before I gave birth people told me their stories of bad recoveries. I wanted to tell you my story. I had no problem at all. I had a c-section on a ...
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