a birth of a baby

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Breech Birth

L.P. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms!! I am interested to find out if there is anyone out there with a breech birth experience. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with my second, and it is breec...


Birth Control

C.T. asks from Detroit

I am always forgetting to take my pills and need a birth control method that is reliable but does not require daily attention. Can anybody recommend something they ...


Birth Weight of Baby #2

S.L. asks from Philadelphia

I know there is huge variation, but I'm just curious so I thought I'd take a poll. How big was your second baby compared to your first? Bigger or smaller and by how...


Vaginal Birth

M.V. asks from San Francisco

I have two stitches! i gave birth on the 14th everytime i pee or shower it burns so bad its to the point i cry what could i use to help heal?? Plz help


After Birth Abortion

V.K. asks from Minneapolis

I read this article earlier today and it's been on my mind ever since (I will post the link in the 'So What Happened'. If I understood the article correctly, here is ...


Birth Control

M.M. asks from Amarillo

I am considering my options for birth control. I am currently on "the pill" and I am not very happy. My "drive" went from low to non-existent. I have recently star...


Birth Control

K.O. asks from Dallas

im looking for a birth control im not looking to have anymore kids for about 5 years from now. I was taking yaz But it made me crazy angry and caused tightening in my...


Home Birth

K.B. asks from Wichita

Hello Everyone! My husband and I have recently decided to have a homebirth with our second child, due in August. We are very excited about our decision and I am anxio...


Birth Control

M.W. asks from Boston

Hi Mamas, I need advice on birth control. I had an IUD removed a couple years ago..since my hubby and I wanted to try for baby #2. I had complications and therefore ...


Birth Control

B.N. asks from Tampa

I am currently pregnant with my second baby but I am looking into birth control options after I have the baby. My husband and I do not want any more kids so I wanted...

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