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Birth Control While Nursing

I had a Mirena IUD inserted after the birth of my 1st child as my husband and I weren't ready for another "oops!" baby right away. I did breastfeed for 9 ...

Birth Control and Nursing

Most normal birth control pills will at least slightly reduce your milk supply. It doesn't at all hurt the baby though if you are taking a regular pill and ...

Home Birth with a Toddler

My daughter will be 22 months old when our second baby will be born. We are planing our second home birth, and I am concerned about how my daughter will ...

Baby Shower Etiquette for High Risk Pregnancy

In my opinion, a baby's birth is time to celebrate; BUT, if your friend is supposed to be on bed rest, it means, rest, rest, REST... and no stress! ...

Am I Wrong to Not Want Him at the Birth?

Please do it for your baby. He will only get worse with a baby in the house. For the birth, getting a doula who can wholly support you, can help you have a ...

Home Birth Midwife in Irvine Area

My midwife who caught my first daughter and will be attending our home birth for our baby in the belly is wonderful. She lives in Newport Beach and her ...

Pregnancy Complications and Wants to Have Another Baby

Not to mention my 2 day old baby choked in the nursery and had to be intubated. .... I'm soooo sorry your first birth was so difficult. It really grieves my ...

Giving Birth While Sick???

Sep 23, 2009 ... I'm just very nervous #1 about giving birth and not being in tip top shape to do so and #2 about getting my baby girl sick as soon as she ...

Stork Birth Announcements

When we had our 2nd baby in April, my brother and sister-in-law gout us a stork from VIP ... birth home · baby birth · announcing pregnancy at thanksgiving ...

Birth Control While Nursing

I am trying to decide on a birth control method that will be safe to use. ... Now I am blessed with a baby girl. Both of my kids are exactly a year apart. ...
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  • had no issues with milk supply in 2 answers "I love it! I have had no issues with milk supply with either of mine."
  • use a back up method in 3 answers "... sure when the pill becomes ineffective, but I would still use a back up method ..."
  • progesterone only pill in 3 answers "Yours should be a progesterone only pill, since you are nursing, and you should be ..."
  • remembering to take a pill in 2 answers "I really like having the IUD because I am very bad a remembering to take a pill everyday ..."
  • took the mini pill in 2 answers "I took the mini pill for 4 months while i nursed my son."