a birth of a baby

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Home Birth Vs. Birth Center

2) For my fast and easy labor, even with a really big baby, a home birth would have been fine. I had a third degree tear (the price of having a big baby) ...

Anyone Experience Having a Baby Need Resuscitated After Birth?

Nov 18, 2009 ... Read all 5 responses: "At long last my little grandson is here. I am happy and his mother is happy, but our joy has been a bit diminished.

Birth Control While Breastfeeding?

Good for you with your home birth! I also delivered a beautiful baby girl at home in our hot tub with my partner, in April! It was the best experience of my ...

Experience with Giving Birth at Overland Park Regional

Read all 7 responses: "I will be giving birth in January at Overland Park ... Congrats on your new baby! I've had 2 children at Overland Park Regional - one ...

3 Year Old Regressing After Birth of Infant

Hi congratulation on the birth of baby Beckett. My son was 31/2 when his sister came along and he stop feeding himself. He just sat at the table looking at ...

Birth Certificate

Just like Eva said you have to order your own copy of the birth certificate. The form you filled out in the hospital just is ... Baby's Birth Certificate? ...

Giving Birth at Shawnee Mission Medical Center vs Menorah Medical Center

I gave birth at Menorah and my sister delivered at Shawnee Mission Medical. .... I just had a baby in Nov at Shawnee Mission and it was a great experience ...

2D Baby After Having a C-section

I VBACed at home and had a long labor, 44 hours actually, but my healthy baby boy was born by candlelight and in the presence of loving gentle people. Birth ...

Birth Questions

Natural birth is painful and exhausting, but I believe it is so much better for you and the baby. Remember - you have fantastic support because you have a ...

Water Births

I had a water birth with my 3rd baby at UofM in AnnArbor. I LOVED it! I really think that it help lessen the pain of transition. ...
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