a bill that should be passed

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Not to Sure How to Handle This One on My Own.

I opened my car insurance bill and to my surprise it was $150 more than it should be. It was a result of my son and his speeding. I have told him over and ...

Daughter's Chest Feeling 'Weird' Inside.

... we would end up paying a good chunk of the medical bill, and we are .... list of heart burn related problems on her fathers side and it can be passed on. ... something you called your Doctor for advice on then she should be seen! ...

Jury Duty Dilemma

The person you talk to should be able to tell you if there is an exemption, .... Our Governor is pro-breast feeding...he passed a bill last year allowing ...


Gregoire just passed a bill that will take effect on July 1 that allows only .... First of all, I think you should go with your gut instincts and take what ...

Not Been Able to Get Pregnant

Yes, babies are wonderful, once you get passed the sleepless nights, ... probably not, but despite that I think you should give it a couple years ... I don;t think you should even attempt to get pregnant until you have a clean bill of ...

Do I Go to This Funeral?

Read all 62 responses: "I am so torn. My father passed away on Friday. ... I think you should go to your father's funeral. I think if you don't, you will ...

Son and Girlfriend Eating Me Out of House and Home

If so are her parents footing the bill for this? If so maybe you should look ...... and 1 daughter,we had been married 59 years when my husband passed away. ...

Help! My Cat Won't Stop Meowing!!!

We did take him to the vet, and she ran every test imaginable on him - he has a clean bill of health. .... I really think you should get a compainion for your cat. My old dog (passed away now) stopped barking as soon as my daughter was ...

Help!-Parents Dropping off Kids for "Free Sitting"

When they do finally pick up their kids present them with a bill for overtime. ... I think you should call or have someone else call the moms the night ...

Help with Preparing Formula Bottles

It is a bill that was past to protect the rights of mothers wanting to pump at work. ... PASSED: May 3, 1999. APPROVED this 14th day of May 1999 ..... These babies need a safe and healthy source of food, and formula should be ...
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