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Present for Valentine's Day

This year I got them each a big heart that had candy on the back of it. Simple, thats all. Last year I made them Valentine cards. Helpful? ...

Dealing with Step Children.

Dad needs to reassure them that he has a big heart. There is room in that heart for everyone and that no one will take their part of his heart. ...

Seeking Advice for an "Active" Child

My son also has a big heart and loves to help and encourage others. He truly wants to be the best at everything. Lots and lots of praise for all that he ...

Son Hits Me and Grandma When Angry

He's a very lovable boy and he has a big heart. When he would at times say "I hate you", I always responded with "Well I love you". 1 mom found this helpful ...

Looking for a Good Ob/gyn in the Greater Keller Area to Deliver My Baby-help!!

She has a big heart for her patients and great knowledge of her field. 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Advice on 2Nd Child

You have a big heart that goes a long way and is full of love. Let the child hold the baby when it is born and help you out by getting diapers, feeding etc. ...

8 Months Pregnant Getting Awful Heart Burn

I myself had horrible heart burn. Instead of eating big meals have her eat smaller meals more often. That is the really only thing that helped me. ...

Please Reassure My Concious

It sounds like you are blessed with a big heart and a special gift for caring. We need more like you in this world. I think if you can find a balance ...

Looking for a Church

They also have a great big heart for single mother's and their kids. My kids ask me to go to church all the time. They have the best time in the children's ...

Miscarriage Again?

You sound like an awesome person with a big heart and you will be blessed - I had my second, I believe, by miracle. I have RA, but also another autoimmune ...
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