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Big Girl Bed

We made a big deal about her big girl bed and she just came along for the ride. Now she picks between her toddler bed and a Tinkerbell sleeping bag with a ...

Potty Training a Scare

So now I have bought panties which she calls "big girl panties" and let her wear them at home. She loves to wear them and keeps them dry. ...

Sippy Cup

Make sure she understands that she is a big girl now and big girls drink out of big girl cups. Take her to pick out two or three new "big girl" cups that ...

Potty Training 3 Year Old Girl

It was a hassle because she wanted pulls ups but I said you are a big girl now and you can wear panies no more pull ups. It was a little harder during the ...

Breaking off Bottle

Repeatedly tell her she is such a big girl now and introduce the idea of geting rid of the little girl or baby bottle. Say something like"Wow, we might have ...

I'd like to Start Potty Training...

Remember she just had breakfast and probably will have to go now anyway. This is the time you tell her that if she goes on the BIG GIRL toilet like the doll ...

Daughter Getting up Early & Potty Training

She is old enough, and this may just be her way of letting you know that she is "a big girl" now. Another tool my sister used with her early riser son was a ...

Trouble with Potty Training 3Yo Girl

Totally make this your girl's problem. She comes and says, "Mom I wet my clothes ." Say, "Oh? Well you are a big girl now, go take care of it and wash your ...

10 Mos Old Without Paci

Occasionally she would ask about them and I would reaffirm that she was a big girl now and that we had sent them away. It was a little difficult at first, ...

My Four Year Old Daugther Is Starting Pre-k.

If she starts to cry give her a big hug and a kiss and tell her it is ok to cry but she needs to be a big girl now and meet new friends and teachers. ...
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  • big girl cups in 3 answers "I told her that they were big girl cups and she was cool with that and I had the spill ..."
  • big girls drink in 3 answers "Make sure she understands that she is a big girl now and big girls drink out of big ..."
  • big girl cup in 3 answers "... do the same with your 3 year old, she is also old enough to use a big girl cup."
  • big girl panties in 2 answers "... to make it to the potty, take her to the store to choose/buy big girl panties."