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Should I Keep Paying This Counselor....

I will pray for resolution and guidance for you. God Bless! .... They do not know better than you what you need and I am highly suspect of the desire to pad ...

My Sons Argue for the Most Rediculous Things

I have found that the time that would be spent watching tv is better spent ... to learn the art of negotiation and conflict resolution (a great life skill). ...

Older Siblings Do Not Get Along!!

Kids do not come equipped with the tools for conflict resolution. ... They need to learn a better way to communicate. I wish you well! Helpful? ...

Researching Homeschool

... are taught techniques of conflict resolution and expected to use them. .... Normally the homeschool and private school kids do better in college as long ...

Bullys in School

Would talking to the kids about how they are better kids for not acting this way and .... Good luck and I hope you get some resolution on this situation. ...

16 Month Old Pigeon Toed

... in the end when a chiro can tell you a resolution in one or two visits. .... Sorry I don't have a better answer right now but if you'd like I'll save ...

Difference Between Orthopedist and Podiatrist?

He was a lot better then the two podiatrist we previously saw. ... Thank you to everyone who helped. I hope we can have a resolution soon. ...

Need Your Opinions And/or Suggestions

Find some resolution and peace about this being her choice....she knows what ... It bothers you because you want better for your daughter than you did for ...

Fighting with Spouse

Aug 11, 2009 ... It is better not to fight back. Everyday I try to just be quiet, ..... fight (we do) just hopefully you can come to a resolution sooner. ...

16 Year Old Daughter - Moved Out

Your daughter will be better for building that relationship, and she will ..... it's a bad bad pattern to run away from conflict and not learn resolution. ...
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