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Cord Blood Banking

I think if more people donated their cords, the world would be a better place - lol. My sis-in-law donated her kid's cord. She lives in maryland. ...

Small Lies

We all need to help make this world a better place and by making it a better place, we need to help make those who live in it better people, ...

What to Do About Boyfriend

I also KNOW that he is not right for me, that i deserve much better and will ... the next 3 following ( basically in 5 years you will be in a better place) ...

Explaining Death to 2 1/2 Year Old

That's NOT to say that you don't miss them, it's OKAY to miss them, but you realize that they are in a MUCH better place and you wouldn't want them to come ...

Looking for Help with Toddler Sleep Habits

My husband thinks this will pass and she will sleep better on her own eventually butI ... after a little while she decides her bed is a better place to be. ...

Rec. on Yoga on High Studio?

Or do you know of a better place in the Columbus area? Respond to Question. What can I do next? Add your own comment; Ask your own question ...

My 17 Year Old Daughter Ran Away and Doesn't Seem to Be Sorry She Did It!!!

Not that she didn't love me, but we reap what we sow and I was fine, she helped me get a better place, but I kept it up. Wow, I was forced to work hard and ...

Music Downloads

I've done it from Walmart, but at .99 a song....seems like there should be a better place to go. My kids love to hear their songs while we run errands and ...


Volunteering has the added benefit that you know you are making this world a better place for others. Two good things all in one, a social form of double ...

Is There a Book to Help Explain Death to a 3 Year Old?

Your husband can take comfort in knowing that his mother is in a better place. That is the only thing that gets me through most days. ...
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  • cord blood bank in 2 answers "... your choice, but I encourage you to do research with a non-cord-blood bank."
  • stem cells in 4 answers "... own cord blood is one of the only sources of controversial-free stem cells ..."
  • pathological liar in 2 answers "... resolve this and if he just has issues and is a chronological, pathological liar ..."
  • please do not have children with this man in 2 answers "Please DO NOT have children with this man until this is resolved."
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