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"Seeking Advice About a Better Diaper"

I have always liked Huggies better, although I have used Pampers and Luvs ..... however, I had a problem with him taking his socks off at night and his feet ...

Seeking Help on Relationship Issues

As a woman, you are better off focusing on your children than on him. Think of it this way... It's like trying to put a puzzle together but you are trying ...

Is It Easy to Take Your Name off the Mortgage and Leave It Only in His Name???

I can do SO much better on my own without him and his bad habbits. ... But getting your name off the house is not possible. If you both agree, he can try to ...

How to Help My Toddler Have Better Mornings

How to Help My Toddler Have Better Mornings ... in the morning the only problem I have with is he is in a very cranky mood until i drop him off at daycare. ...

Taking Child Out of State

Oct 6, 2009 ... If anything, you're probably better off, so don't worry about him so much, no matter how hard it hurts....it's wasted energy on yourself, ...

Help Me Become a Better Time Miser

Even for your little train conductor, it's not too early to get him started. .... first off...I'm not a wonderfully organized mom with a beautiful clean ...

Good Nap Schedule for 13 Month Old?

Maybe a nice long nap later in the day would suit him better. Now what about when you plan outings?? Like the zoo? Do you just throw them off schedule for a ...

Trying to Lose the Pacifier

Oct 21, 2009 ... We want nothing more than for him to be happy and healthy,and if getting him off of his binky is better for his teeth then it needs to be ...

Do You Have Gerber Life Insurance

You'd be better off taking the money that you would spend monthly on .... If your father took out a policy on him, he doesn't probably need anything else. ...

irresponsible...or Looking for a Better Way?

Sep 15, 2009 ... I'm going to come clean and tell him all that has been going on...we will see how ... Then I was laid off and took a job at half the salary. ...
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  • huggies overnight diapers in 5 answers "I started buying the huggies overnight diapers to use at night, and the others worked ..."
  • pampers baby dry in 7 answers "I switched to pampers baby dry and haven't had a problem since then."
  • having to change sheets in 3 answers "I did not like having to change sheets all the time."
  • take one long nap in 2 answers "Have u tried pushing his morning nap up and letting take one long nap in the middle ..."