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How to Better Incorporate God into My Life and My Childrens

I want some advice on how to better incorporate god's word and love into my .... But them God brought a wonderful man into my life, at first i still had to ...

Two Year Old Dropping the "F" Bomb.

... for us to say and "oh, man" is a better expression. BUT with that :) I have read through most of the responses, which I find some good tools in there. ...

Anyone Else's Child Have a Severe Underbite/breathing Problems/tonsillectomy?

Her sister (4) snored like an old man and has a cross bite. ... After the tonsis were out she slept so much better, had few ear infections, started making ...

I Need Helf

I am suppose to be getting married to this wonderful caring man this June, but in reality he is .... You deserve better! I found the better and so can you! ...

Advice About Acceptable Means of Comunication with Ex During Divorce Proceedings

Be overly nice and civil to the man or dog, which ever fits better in your case. It worked with all three of my ex's they ABSOLUTELY hate it! ...

Divorce Because of Step-child?

When your husband sees what he could loose then maybe if hes the man you think you married he will do something to make the situation better for all ...

Seeking Marriage Advice

Dec 27, 2009 ... I constantly hear from people how I deserve so much better, etc. etc. ..... to happen to my marriage- I still love that man to death, ...

Changing My Last Name

He eventually understood that even if he was a little disappointed, he is a grown man and can understand the situation a lot better than a child who can't ...

Is There Anyone Else Going Through This in Their Relationship?

Jan 19, 2010 ... Stand by you man. I had been critically ill for quite some time. .... If your husband is willing to get help then that is even better, ...

Friend Has Mean Child

He tries to tell my son (who is a bit speech delayed) that he is better than .... up a nasty little man and we want to make it better not worse--after you ...
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  • children have hyphenated last names in 2 answers "All three of our children have hyphenated last names - so we are living the hyphenated ..."
  • kept my maiden name in 3 answers "S., I am married now for 14 years and kept my maiden name."
  • your ex husbands name in 2 answers "... more common these days and easier to explain than keeping your ex-husbands name ..."
  • your sons last name in 3 answers "That is kind of weird, since I am assuming your son's last name is also your ex husband's ..."
  • their fathers last name in 2 answers "... had his last name, they're both married now and changed their father's last name ..."