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Having a Hard Time Losing Weight? Any Ideas?

Most importantly, read as much as you can on healthy living. There are tons of books to inspire and educate you on the topic of better living. ...

Pregnancy and Medicaid

If she lives with her boyfriend then she needs to say that she is living with him. She has a better chance to get it if he is supporting her instead of ...

Wood Laminate or Real Wood Flooring

I want to change the floor in my kitchen, hallway, living room and T.V. room. ... However, I like the laminate flooring better because of lower maintenance ...

Are There Any Grandparents Here Who Are Raising a Grandchild?

We expected better. Would love to chat. Hang in there. ..... i finished my sophmore yr in high school (half of that year i was living with my grandparents) , ...

Living Far Away from Extended Family...

Living Far Away from Extended Family... My husband and I have four great kids and they have over ... I want my kids to "get to know" their cousins better. ...

Living on Credit Cards

In general, the more you can do to protect your good credit standing, the better . ... A friend of mine was living on Credit cards and has recently filed ...

Possibly Relocating to Southern California

A relocation package should offer a better salary to offset the increase in cost of living. So Calif is beautiful. The weather is usually great and ...

Is It Better to Stay Together for the Kids Even If You Can't Get Along?

I've been there, and no, it isn't better to stay for the kids. .... My mom has not healed & now is living with feelings of loss & heartbreak, even 14 years ...

How to Better Incorporate God into My Life and My Childrens

I want to be a better example for my children and need some guidance on how I can do that. I want to start spreading his word and living more righteous but ...

Need to Do Better

Living on their Own · Social Life · Staying Organized ... You're gonna have to try and establish a better schedule for yourself as well as your daughter. ...
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