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12 Year Old No Longer Wants to Play Sports

T., it sounds like he just needs a better balance with his favorite "things" ... ..........skating & friends. Try to make sure he has those. ...

Trying to Clean up My Credit

Also, having small balances on a few cards is better than having a huge balance on one. My husband and I made this mistake when we consolidated our cards. ...

Searching for a Healthy Butter for My Toast

Oct 6, 2009 ... Even better tasting than smart balance is Earth Balance! The original tastes very much like butter, and they make a whipped version that ...

Postpartum Hair Loss - Help!

Dec 20, 2009 ... I started on a BETTER multivitamin and mineral liquid vitamin called Body Balance since i am nursing she is taking whatever vitamins i have ...

Help with ADHD Child

This is one of the best cleansers and will help his body to gain balance and a better mental sharpness. He will look, feel, and act much better soon. ...

Work & Family Balance

Read all 12 responses: "How do you balance a full time job 40hrs+ and still ... get a routine down pat it will be hard, but after that it gets a lot better. ...

Seeking Advice on How to Balance Work/home/me-time in a Crazy Busy Life......!

It can be very tough to find a balance in life. I am a mom of 4 (ages 8, ..... I figure its better to be stressed about it during the week when I'm already ...

Best Shoes for Toddlers?

Also a narrow foot does better in Nike and a wider foot does better in Adidas or New Balance. Good luck! 2 moms found this helpful. Helpful? ...

Shin Splints

New Balance, Big River Running, and Fleet feet are great stores at fitting you ... are they old and the insert is worn? you can get better inserts at any ...
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  • will lower your score in 3 answers "For some silly reason it always will lower your score."
  • stride rite shoes in 2 answers "I just took some Stride Rite shoes that were barely worn to CCA in The Colony."
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