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She participates in turning off the movie and then it's time to go upstairs for our pre-bedtime routine (toilet, brushing teeth, bedtime story. ...

How My 5 Yr Old Interacts Is Beautiful but When It Comes Tme to to Go to Sleep ?

We ALWAYS read him a bed time story (my husband and I took turns doing this). We let our children pick the story. So I believe a routine is a must. ...

2 Year Old Refuses to Go to Bed

A bed time story might help. Momma while you and the children are engaging in this story let daddy go to bed, The two of you should have never went in the ...

Desperate to Free My Boobs!!!!

Figure out something that you can do as a bedtime ritual that she will love and that would require her eyes. Perhaps it is a special bedtime story that she ...

Playful Sleeper

Also try to keep her from getting too wound up before bedtime. Bath and a bedtime story and that's it. Off for the night. Won't work immediately but with ...

4 y.o. Needing to Eat Nightly Before Bed

After bedtime snack we brush their teeth, then I read a bedtime story while they lay in one bed, then they separate to their own beds and go to sleep. ...

Seeking Help with My 10 Month Old Daughter's Sleep Issues.

My daughter ALWAYS got a bath and then a bedtime story. It helped her to anticipate what was next. I would also, and still do, tell her things like, ...

Weaning from Bottle to Sippy Cup

He's drinking 8 oz at every bottle with 4 [email protected]____.com has a bedtime ritual of bath, lotion massage, bedtime story, & 4-oz bottle while rocking. ...

"Teaching My Almost 3-Year--old to Put Himself to Sleep Without Nursing."

You might try starting a new "comfort" expectation associated with bedtime at the same time to provide a replacement like a bedtime story or songs if you're ...

Seeking Books About Bedtime

I am an Usborne Books Consultant so I also have to say that we have a few very cute bedtime story books. My favorite is "Night - Night Stories". ...
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