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Molluscum Help

Once the sores popped, when we put the liquid silver band aid on them, I think it did sting him a little for a minute, but we persevered and it was well ...

9 Weeks Pregnant - Too Small for Maternity Clothes, Too Big for Regular Ones!

I wore my regular clothes but with an elastic band through the button hole and looped around .... Once you switch to maternity pants, it helps hold them up. ...

Split Thumbnail Problem

Do it for a few days and keep a band aid over it while you're doing things that .... I have this problem on my right hand about once every couple of years. ...


They had a hard time stopping and once their teeth come out and adult ones grow in, .... As for the sore, I would try Calendula ointment and a band-aid. ...

Splinter in Foot

Once it's dried, peel the glue off and the splinter should stick to it and come ... We have a trick called the "wet band-aid trick" for removing splinters. ...

Contagiouso Moluscum (Warts on a Child)

They said not to use a band aid with the cream as it soaks into the band aid so I .... There was once a study done on warts were they took a bunch of people ...

19 Month Old Picking at Owies

I think that once they get older you can explain to them that it is not ... Have you tried leaving a band-aid on it? Or does she just pick that off too? ...

How to Treat a Cut on Toddler's Face?

I have used liquid band-aides for finger cuts...and you would just spray it .... Once the cut heals it is really important to apply sunscreen (even if it is ...

Advice on Wisdom Teeth Removal and Playing Instruments

I am a band teacher and a flute player. Although your daughter may be feeling ... I do hope you keep us all informed as to your daughter's recovery once the ...

Infected Hangnail?

I put more peroxide on it, then a band-aid with Neosporin. ... My husband once got an infected hangnail from a dog licking his hand when he had an open ...
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  • can close it with surgical glue in 2 answers "... you can take her to the doctor asap and they can close it with surgical glue."
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