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Grinding Teeth

It's not a bad thing but it can wear down the enamel on their teeth. .... The best way is to watch to see if the tooth grinding gets obviously worse at a ...

Toddler with Bad Breath

Read all 8 responses: "My son is 2 and has bad breath! ... I let her pick out an electric tooth brush for the days that she wont let me help. ...

Tooth Infection for Breastfeeding Mom

I just had a very bad abscessed tooth and had to have a root canal and crown! They never gave me antibiotics for it...apparantly, antibiotics to treat are a ...

Toddler with Bad Breath

I brush his teeth twice a day, but the bad breath stays. ... Try brushing ever so litely a soft tooth brush over your childs tongue with alittle bit of the ...

Advice on What to Do About Chipped Tooth in 18 Month Old

My daughter chipped her tooth when she was around that age. She is now 4. The chip doesn't look bad at all and doesn't affect her smile, so I don't worry ...

Wisdom Teeth

I did have just a little swelling on the side with the extra tooth, but not too bad. And I only had to take the pain medicine for about a day and a half I ...

Has Anybody Ever Had a Child Get a Root Canal on a Baby Tooth.

Is that normal to do a root canal on a baby tooth? I just feel bad cause he was at the dentist twice and went through 2 not so fun experiences. ...

Baby Tooth Knocked Out

I've heard you can put the tooth in milk and they can try to put it back in, .... Looks great. sorry your little one had a bad fall!hope he is fine now. ...

2 Yr Old Chipped Tooth

My daughter chipped her front tooth when she was about 1.5 yrs old, it was pretty bad (about 1/4 of the tooth, very noticable. ...

Cavities on a 15 Month Old Baby?

Get them sealed as soon as possible especially if you have a bad tooth family history. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...
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  • chipped her front tooth in 3 answers "My daughter chipped her front tooth when she was about 18 months old on one of the ..."
  • drinking enough water and eating in 2 answers "... Also make sure that he is drinking enough water and eating ..."
  • post nasal drip in 2 answers "... of stomach disorders, but can also be simply from persistant post-nasal drip ..."
  • his teeth and his tongue in 2 answers "Yes you should brush his teeth and his tongue but you should also be flossing his ..."
  • had a root canal in 2 answers "I had a root canal when I was breastfeeding and it was OK."