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Picky Eater/bad Habits/a Child Friendly Environment for a Bday Party

It sounds like your son is a big boy, which isn't a bad thing at all, but if you don't teach him to eat right he could be an unhealthy big boy later. ...

7 Year Old Son Has Poop Issues

Not a bad thing but he needs to have a poop schedule and a reminder. If he focuses so intensely on a project, his powerful focus might be his intellectual ...

Is Pushing Potty Training on My Son a Bad Idea

I don't want to make the potty a bad thing, but am unsure of how to approach it. . I am definately open for advice... Thanks. Respond to Question ...

Am I a Bad Mom? Mom Dilemma....

you are not a bad mom. i am strugglig with the same thing. i never thought i wanted to be a sahm but now that he is here, how can i not? by going back to ...


It doesn't have to be a bad thing to work full time, or for the kids to have a close relationship with their father. It's all in how you handle it. ...

Pre-School Teacher Problem/question

I have done the same thing with toddlers - said - you did a bad thing -not that they are bad. It sends the wrong message that the child is actually bad. ...

Questioning Immunizations

... people who have done years of research on this subject and wouldn't feel that discussing the deeper implications of immunizations is a bad thing. ...

Are My HCG Readings a Cause for Concern?

Sometimes too much information can be a bad thing. My docotr has never assigned a number to my HGC levels(I am 26 weeks along with number 2). ...

Starting a New Relationship After a Bad Marriage

The best thing you could do though, is always be in touch with your own emotions and listen to yourself. You don't want to get into something bad again, ...

Sleeping Arrangments???

For all of your sanity's and good night's sleep sake, it may not be a bad thing to make a little bed in your room for a little while and see if they go away ...
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  • your lucky stars in 2 answers "... I can sympathize with you in feeling this way, but girl, count your lucky stars ..."
  • should ever tell a child in 2 answers "i do not believe you should ever tell a child that they themselves are bad and that's ..."
  • hgc levels in 2 answers "I have had two children and can tell you that I have no idea what my HGC levels were ..."
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