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2006 Kia Sedona??

Read reviews and you will see that Kia has a really bad reputation & they lose their value very quickly. They may be a safer than years earlier, ...

Need Recipies

... though nuts have a bad reputation as being fattening, they contain the kinds of fats that are good for you!!!!! have her do some research on the subject ...

Grounding My Middle Schooler

Boys who get caught with girls who have protective parents can get a bad reputation or worse - alienated from their friends through the parents of the girls ...

Teenage Dating Wrong Guy

my parents wouldn't let me date the love of my life because his brother and sister had a bad reputation in the neighborhood,we found ways to sneak to b ...

Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek School Info?

We like their current high school although, it has had a bad reputation time to time. It's a good school with more to offer then most high schools, ...

Good Books for 16 Year Old Girl

Sorry, nothing lighter, but Story of A Girl was fantastic (bad reputation, family problems, trying to make better choices - mostly dealing with self esteem . ...

Fiber in Diet

I know they have a bad reputation, but prunes are one way to fix things ... we' ve been giving our kids prunes since they were little (they are 3.5 yr and 16 ...

Best Elementary School for Daughters

They have a really bad reputation. If you have any other questions feel free to email me directly. [email protected]____.com. R. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This ...

Nervous of My Daughter Around Pit Bull

Anyway, I just like to say what I can about these dogs because I know they have a bad reputation and like to offer my great experience with the breed to ...

PINK EYE Birthday Party??

There is a lot of paranoia around pink eye because it has such a bad reputation for being contagious. The truth is there is more to the pink eye than an ...
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