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Good Areas to Live in Las Vages and Oregon

I have read some of the responses and I think that Vegas gets a bad rap. ..... I just get tired of seeing Las Vegas getting such a bad rap all the time. ...

Acai Berry

For example, the potato that has gotten a bad rap has 4g of fiber, more potassium than a banana and high in magnesium which a lack of can cause sugar ...

Seeking OB GYN in Gilbertsville/Pottstown Area

I know Pottstown Hospital sometimes gets a bad rap, but I have only had positive experiences there. I was sent there around week 22 because I was in danger ...

Best Parenting Book?

He took a bad rap some years ago, but that was a false accusation and his book is so clear and has so much info. The best book I ever read were about kids ...

Choosing to Stop at One Child...? Looking for Moms of Onlys or Moms Who R Onlys

only" children get a bad rap and my daughter is definitely an exception to the rule...and I have know and seen many who are....."only" does not equate to ...

Para Guard IUD

The IUDs used to have a really bad rap cause they were causing some serious side effects, but they are very safe now. I did a lot of research and had to go ...

Seeking Vaccinations Answers in Santa Monica, West LA

He said unfortunately autism shows up at the exact same time that the vaccines are given, so they are getting a bad rap. He feels they are completely safe. ...

13 Month Old Screaming for Hour or More in Middle of Night EVERY THIRD NIGHT

I feel like the "crying it out" method is getting a bad rap. I don't know about other people who have used this method, but for myself, it has worked like a ...

Protein Ideas?

They get such a bad rap as being bad for you, but really they are low in calories and have quite a bit of protein (and potassium). ...

Mercy or St Luke's to Deliver?

Jun 1, 2009 ... Mercy gets a bad rap because for many years, they did not have a neonatal unit for babies 32 weeks or more. Now they have a full neonatal ...
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  • kids love hard boiled eggs in 2 answers "my kids love hard boiled eggs"
  • fits your parenting style in 2 answers "... may just want to skim through the books and see if it fits your parenting style."
  • acai berry in 8 answers "I purchased the Acai Berry tablets that were advertised on the web as being promoted ..."
  • strong immune system in 2 answers "... vaccinate, you must take holistic precautions to build a strong immune system."
  • fatty acids in 2 answers "... shakes, yogurt, even applesauce to get more protein and some omega fatty acids."