a bad hair day

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How Do I Get Massive Amounts of Vaseline Out of My Daughter's Hair?

It sounds bad - you just have to be really careful not to get it in her face. It worked in about 1-2 .... BAD HAIR DAY... More like a Bad Hair Week! ...

1St Time House Wife

That being said, nothing is more rewarding than when you are there for your kids when something happens and you can help - a bully at school, a bad hair day ...

Help Controlling 16 Year Old Daughter's Attitude

Sep 5, 2009 ... If she's having a bad hair day - let her. Explain that having an ugly mood is fine BUT she may not take out her negative emotions on others ...

Have a Friend Who Needs Some Encouraging Words.....

If she has a sense of humor you could make her a card off of the computer with tons of hilarious pictures of people having really "bad hair" days and put ...

Am I a Bad Mom? Mom Dilemma....

By no means are you a bad mom. I put my son in day care at 3 months old and I felt the same way, but it has been so GOOD for him. ...

Green Hair

They suggested just letting it fade out and said it wasn't that bad. .... Go in having not washed your hair that day. This way you can be assured there's ...

How Do I Stop a Bad Influence on My Child Without Alienating Myself from Family

My daughter started picking up on soem of her bad habits when she starts being whiney and throws fits ... way and if she continues to act like the little girl she wont get to see her the next day. .... chapel hill home · stop hair loss ...

15 Month Old with a Bad Temper!!

I wouldn't say that he has a bad temper. It's called being a toddler and ... the end of the day when you want to pull your hair out ....sit back in your fav ...

How to Get Child to Stop Saying a Bad Word?

If your child was 2 years old and picked up a bad word, if you ignore it and ... Well, my son just told me the other day ..that he knows what sexy means, ...

Shaving Legs Every Day

Shaving Legs Every Day. HI- my question is that I have really dark hair on my .... sensative skin on my legs and it burns them pretty bad. i tried Nads and ...
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