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Midwifes VS. Doctors

I just found out that I'm pregnant and I haven't picked a doctor yet. .... who they would transfer you to, do they have a back-up doctor, what you're at ...

Allergic Reaction to Wasp Sting HELP!!

Go back to the doctor. You may need a cortisone injection to stop the itching. I feel so bad for you. You must be going insane. I hope something works fast ...

2Yr Old Daughter Has Lump in Back of Neck???

I have called the doctor and am waiting to hear back but I wanted to ask if anyone knows what this could be. Obviously I'm worried because it is a lump in ...

Postpartum Joint Pain

along with some back pain -- feels almost arthritic. At first I thought. ... J. - I would see a doctor (perhaps an internist, not your ob) and get a work-up ...

Severe Pain in Back

Whenever I get bad pain in my back or neck, I always go to get a massage first before I go to the doctor. I just get a 30 minute upper body on my back and ...

Back of Head Bump and Nose Bleed

Oct 10, 2009 ... He his the back of his head but then got a nose bleed. ... But it sounds scary enough that seeing your doctor is probably a good idea. ...

Seeking Good Eye Doctor

Read all 5 responses: "Hi, Does anyone have a good eye doctor. ... After a year, we dropped the vision insurance and I went back to Garner's. ...

When Will I Get My Period Back?

She eventually went to her doctor and took a fertility drug to get her cycle back. She is now expecting her first baby in May. ...

Seeking Wholistic Doctor in Lincoln Square Area

Read all 6 responses: "Can anyone recommend a wholistic doctor in the Lincoln Square or ... She finally has her life back. He treats the whole person, ...

Rash on Infants Stomach and Back Only

My little boy got a rash on his back and chest one morning at about 10 months. No idea why, it just popped up fairly quickly. I called the doctor and they ...
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